Strip the flesh, salt the wound!

Strip the flesh, salt the wound!

Being “anti-PC” is not sticking it to the Man, it’s sticking it to all the people whom the Man routinely stomps on.
Loved her!

Loved her!

Why I don’t go out much.

I don’t come on here much, or most places on the internet anymore. I get angry/confused/misanthropic reading most of the bullshit that flies around.

I know so many of you disagree with me/my opinions/feelings and it seems so easy for me to sit back and act like it’s easy to change. I know it’s not. If it was, everyone would feel the same way. You have to begin with looking inside yourself, acknowledging your own mistakes and find what you can change within yourself. I have by no means previously been the considerate, open minded human being everyone should aspire to be. I’ve been so wrong in the past, and had the opportunities to know better but only sought out information directly related to ‘my own happiness’. I could blame it on being young, my friends also not caring or how I was raised, but ultimately it’s up to you to see the difference between right and wrong. Anyway, I’m choosing to move forward.

Essentially what I’m rambling about is choosing to be ignorant. There’s a few things I wish others could also see.

Treat women with respect. Like really do it. I’m not just talking about the obvious of not sexually or physically assaulting them but things like ‘slut shaming’, belittling their intelligence and acknowledging the inequalities between genders. Google ‘patriachy’ if you’re not sure what I mean.

White skin does not make you better than any other human being. But, it sure does make your life so, so, so much easier than other human beings. Acknowledge that. If you think you “shouldn’t have to say sorry because it happened so long ago” or “I didn’t do it, someone else did so who cares” then please take a step back and think about the whole picture. I’m not saying apoligize to every indigenous person you meet. I’m saying acknowledge the inequalities they face every day because their way of life was decimated all those years ago. That people like you look down upon them. This is wrong. So wrong. So many of you will shake your head at Hitler and the Holocaust but will easily skim over the attempted genocide of Indigenous Australians because even though you won’t say it out loud, you think you are better than them. You think you deserve better than them. Admit it to yourself, realise you are wrong and move forward. I’m not saying if you don’t volunteer all your time and money to causes then you’re worthless (I certainly am not doing all I can to help others in my spare time). I’m saying that the first thing is to change the social norm. I’m guilty of standing idly by when someone in a group yells a racial slur, and I hate that. I hate that whenever I do speak up, I am told off for not feeling the same as the rest of the racist population of Australia. I shouldn’t be afraid to tell people they’re being insensitive, and neither should you.

Don’t buy products from companies that support testing on animals or cruelty when raising them for consumption. I am not vegan, never have been nor will be. I understand why others are and good for you, honestly. I back consumption of grass fed and free range animals. I know some will still have an issue with that, that those animals are not living full, free lives and are raised for consumption but it’s the best I can do when I believe a paleo diet is healthiest for me. If it was a perfect world, humans would be hunting their food and only catching and eating a “sustainable” amount of wild animals. Buy from a butcher who can assure you their meat isn’t from animals living in shitty conditions. Anyway, also spend that tiny bit of extra money buying cosmetics or soap or whatever other bullshit you use on a product that is certified cruelty free. I don’t even understand why companies are still testing on animals, serrrrrriously wtf.

Think about the things you say. I heard someone yell “don’t be a fag” from a crowd at a show full of “hip youth” and thought to myself, seriously, people still say that kinda stuff? Ok, so I’m sure the guy didn’t mean “only a homosexual man would do something bad like this!” but he definetely implied that ‘being a fag’ was something undesirable. When people say that kinda stuff they usually say “I just meant like, don’t be lame, i didn’t mean gay people sucked”. But, please realize that you are offending and putting down people when you don’t think things through. Also reminds me of another point; respect other people’s right to sexual orientation and gender identity. People love other people, as long as it’s between consenting adults who gives a fuck. And sometimes a person is not in the body they were meant to be, why do you care? Their body, not yours.

One thing I wish more people did - stop when you see animals running on the road, alert others, don’t just drive by. If you see an animal being abuse by their owner, report it, and adopt animals instead of buying them from pet shops.

There are so many other things that make me mad but I just couldn’t be bothered when it’s going on a tumblr blog maybe a handful of people scroll past. Anyway, I’m sure people will ignore this, roll their eyes at Bridget attempting to show the world she is a pc hipster when really all I want is to hopefully change someone, anyone, in any way that even slightly improves this shitty society.

Not every white person is a racist, but the genius of racism is that you don’t have to participate to enjoy the spoils. If you’re white, you can be completely oblivious, passively accepting the status quo, and reap the rewards.

Mychal Denzel Smith, “White People Have to Give Up Racism” (via thenationmagazine)

A very good definition of privilege.

Really taking this personal betterment shit seriously. This includes kicking myself off social media sites, I waste too much time flicking about reading shit that makes me angry or confused at humans in general. Close to a year and a half ago I got myself out of a 6 year relationship I was too afraid to leave. I went through a few different homes and really tried to figure out what I was doing. Absentmindedly had a near death experience and ever since then I have just been spending time finding and improving myself. This means exercise, following a paleo diet, reading actual books with substance, making a point to actually learn about the world instead of only thinking about what affects me in my day to day (or at least what I THOUGHT didn’t affect me), leading a straightedge lifestyle and not being afraid of committing to it, learning practical skills for survival and really setting goals for myself. I don’t regret my past or anyone/anything in it. Just looking forward, getting myself to a place where I can say I’ve tried to be the best I can be. Friends keep in touch via text but! I’m still into constantly eating and doing fun shit! Laters internets!

I find every time I face this skyline, I picture it in ruins.

Fuck humans, breaks my heart to know these kind of beauties will be wiped out along with every other perfect creature on this planet so we can eat McDonald’s in central heating.

Fuck humans, breaks my heart to know these kind of beauties will be wiped out along with every other perfect creature on this planet so we can eat McDonald’s in central heating.